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  • What is Job Basket ?
    JobBasket is a job providing service that is offered to those looking for jobs where the eligible candidates can select their desired job profile, submit their details and upload their Resume which will be further forwarded to Companies for screening. The status of their application will be conveyed to the candidates through mails and will be updated on their personal JobBasket account.
  • Am i Eligible for Job Basket Assistance ?
    Every one who is undergoing training under Training is eligible for Job Basket. All you need to do is to visit our website , register yourself and fill all the desired details along with your updated CV.
  • How do i apply?
    Visit our portal and submit your profile.
  • Which companies can i get placed in ?
    Job Hiring is a dynamic process. If the job requirement matches with the candidate’s resume, it will be forwarded to the company and the candidate will receive a notification regarding the same. We have tie-ups with the top companies, ranging from large enterprises to top-ranking startups. Your resume will be sent to them.
  • What is the time for Job Basket ?By when can i expect interview calls ?
    Job-Basket will be available to you all time. We commit to sharing your resume with the top companies around the world. However, we make no promises of interview calls which are subject to respective companies’ decisions and fluctuating job role requirements. Note- Incase you have not passes all our assessments with above 70% then your profile shall be not shared with our recruiters
  • Does Job Basket Guarantee a Job ?Does Job Basket Guarantee interview calls ? CALLS?
    Unfortunately no. We do not guarantee job interviews or final job offers. However, we do commit that your resume will be forwarded by us to multiple hiring companies and we will assist you in the whole process and also update you whenever any job offer comes up that matches your profile and skills.
  • Can i turn down a job offer from Job Basket HR Team ?
    Yes, you can turn down a job that does not match your requirements. But that will also mean that you will not be able to claim our JobBasket services any longer.
  • Which domain will i be placed ?
    You will be placed in the domain that is in line with your certification, training and skills.
  • How will my profile will get shortlisted ?
    Your profile will be shortlisted based on the performance of assessments of Training Basket and requirement parameters as stated by the hiring company.
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